Privitus brings an end to reliance on email to keep track of important communications.

Designed for busy professionals and their clients,
provides a secure, complete and useful record
of confidential business communications.


Call us now on 020 3239 0886 to discuss how you can benefit.

*Privitus now includes the Bluesky time recording and billing app

Privitus organises communications into 'Case Records'. A Case Record, once created, opens a Group and communications area called the 'Main Forum'. Further private Groups can then be created by the Case Record creator or anyone invited to that Case Record who is or becomes a subscriber.

Anyone can be invited to a Group if existing members give their consent, though this can be bypassed by the Group owner where considered appropriate; such as a Group for use within the same organization.

Guest members in a Group pay nothing for using Privitus

Only users who wish to create new Groups and Case Records need subscribe.

There is no limit to the number of Groups and Case Records a subscriber can create.

Privitus provides for upload/download of most file types. Documents published in Groups are also tabled by Group in a dedicated 'Documents' area. Key documents can be selected for easy access while in a Group.

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