Q. How much does it cost to use Privitus?

A. Guest Users pay nothing. Users who wish to create Case Records and/or Groups must subscribe. Take a look at the Pricing page.

Q. Will the Case Records and Groups I create while a subscriber continue to be available to me for as long as I choose?

A. Yes, provided you continue to pay the charges due.

Q. What browsers can I use?

A. Internet Explorer (including 6, 7 and 8); Safari; Firefox; and Google Chrome.

Q. Which file types can I upload?

A. Most file types are allowed including .zip files. You cannot upload video or audio files. You cannot upload executable files. If the file type you want cannot be uploaded then we suggest you publish a link to another site where the file is held.

Q. What is the file size limit for individual files uploaded?

A. 10mb, for the time being.

Q. Where is my activation email now that I have completed the registration form?

A. Check in your junk mail folder as it may well have been diverted there.

Q. What do I do if I forget my password?

A. At the log in screen, insert your username and select ‘Forgot Password’ and follow the process that allows you to reset your password.

Q. I have selected 'Forgot Password' but the system tells me that my user is not recognised - what now?

A. It is likely that you have made too many failed attempts to log in and that the system has disabled your user ID. Please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with your user ID (the email address). We will then be able to reinstate you.

Q. How do I change my password?

A. You can change your password in 'My account'.

Q. Can I change my (user ID) email address?

A. No.

Q. Can I have more than one account by using other email IDs?

A. Yes.

Q. Why is the time stamp next to a message published in a Group not correct for my time zone?

A. The time shown is GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). Even if we could show the time local to each user doing so may create its own problems. If you have a solution that would suit any user in any part of the world then please let us know!


Q. Can I pass over control of a Case Record or Group to another user?

A. If you want to transfer ownership of a Case Record go to Main Forum and select the 'Make Owner' option in 'Manage Group Members'. For a Group, do the same (within the Group). The member to whom you wish to transfer ownership must accept the transfer after which you will become an ordinary member and you must ask the new owner to restore your 'Write' privilege if you want them.

Q. Can I invite several people at once to a Group?

A. Yes, simply place a comma after each address and type or paste in the next address immediately after it (with no space). In this way all invitations will go out at the same time. You can then save the addressees as a group.

Q. Can I invite a user to join a Group I own without getting the consent of existing Group members?

A. Yes, by selecting the check box 'Bypass consent' on the invitation screen. This should be used with caution, respecting the wishes of existing Group members.

Q. I have invited a user who has since lost the invitation email and when I try to invite them again the system tells me that an invitation has been sent - what can I do?

A. Simply ask the invited user to register using the email you used when inviting them. Once registered, the invitation to join will be found in 'My Case Records' where it can be accepted.

Q. How can I find out who still has to give consent to the addition of a new member to my Group?

A. A table for pending invitees will appear in your Manage Group Members screen. Click on 'Pending' to see a pop-up listing existing member consents given or awaited.

Q. How do I remove someone from a Group?

A. You cannot remove a member of a Group. You can block a member of a Group if you are the creator of that Group in ‘Manage Group Members’. Blocking a member means that member can neither publish new content in the Group nor see anything published after being blocked. Blocked members can always see what was published in a Group up to the moment they were blocked. If a member is later unblocked, that member will be able to see everything published in the Group including what was published during he/she was blocked.

Q. What does it mean to archive a Group?

A. Archiving in effect freezes the record so that no new content may be published in the Group.

Q. What happens when a Case Record is archived?

A. The Case Record will be listed in your ‘Archived Case Records’ and all Groups will be archived along with it (though these can be individually reinstated by the Group creators).

Q. Can a Group in an archived Case Record be restored?

A. Yes, by the Group creator.

Q. Can archived Case Records and Groups be restored?

A. Yes, by their creators.

Q. Can I upload emails to Privitus?

A. Yes. Save the email to a folder and then browse to that file.

Q. What terms govern my use of Privitus?

A. Please read our Terms of Service which you accepted on registration.

Q. Can I delete content published in Privitus?

A. No.

Q. If I publish a message in a Group is it visible to all members of the Group?

A. Yes.

Q. What do I do if I want to send a private message to a member of a Group?

A. If you want a private conversation with someone then you should create a new Group of your own and invite that person to join it.

Q. If an employee has left my organisation how do I prevent that person accessing confidential Privitus content?

A. Assuming you have control of that person’s email client go to the log in screen, insert the email address of the User and select ‘Forgot Password’ to reset the password.

Q. Is there a limit on the number of Case Records and Groups I can create if I am a subscriber?

A. No.

Q. Is the content I publish in Privitus kept confidential?

A. Only those who have been invited into Groups in which content has been published have access to that content. You must agree any terms of confidentiality you may require with other members before you disclose anything to them. What you publish and to whom is a matter for your discretion alone. See our Terms of Service.

Q. Is the content published in Privitus secure?

A. We fulfil our obligations in accordance with our Terms of Service and you must fulfil yours. Always keep your password safe and do not disclose it to anyone. If you have reason to believe your password has been compromised you should change it by going to the log in screen, entering your username and selecting ‘Forgot Password’ – by following the procedure you will be able to create a new password.

Q. Can I keep a copy of what is on Privitus?

A. You can print the content of any Group, for example to a .pdf format. The whole purpose of Case Record is to be a record to which Users have access.

Q. Can I organise Case Records listed in My Case Records?

A. Yes. Select the 'Create/Edit folder' button and create a new folder; then drag and drop the Case Record you choose on to the named folder icon. You can also create sub-folders by selecting the relevant top level folder name and then selecting 'add folder'.


Q. The person I invited to join my Group has lost the email invitation and the system won't let me invite him again. What can I do?

A. If your invitee is already a user of Case Record then the invitation will be found in My Case Records. If not a registered user then ask the invitee to register using the email address that you used to issue the invitation as the chosen username - once the account has been activated the invitation will be found in My Case Records.

Q. I was working on a message in a Group and then lost the work when I went to another page on the site. Why did that happen and how can I prevent that happening again?

A. The work was lost because what you type in to the page is not 'sent' to the server until you perform an action such as 'publish' or 'save as draft'. If you need to visit another page you can either save the work to draft (after which it will appear in the drafts section at the top of the page); or open another browser window, login and visit the other page.

Q. I am using a Mac and when I try to upload a Pages document the upload window gives me a list of folders instead of a document to select. What should I do?

A. Export the document to a Zip Archive (select file, export, Zip Archive) and upload that.

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