Privitus is an online venue for confidential correspondence that was specifically designed to secure and order communications within Chambers and between barristers and their clients.  Privitus can be used in any legal or other professional context where confidentiality is paramount and where it is important to maintain a permanent record of communications.

While Privitus has many functions in common with other applications and services it is unique in its ability to meet the confidentiality needs of users from different organizations, facilitating correspondence between them while also managing the separate private and internal communications that need to take place and be recorded.

Privitus is independent and so neither the service nor its content are controlled by one party or another in any transaction or collaboration. All users are treated equally and our service is equally useful to everyone.


  • secure, orderly and spam free communications
  • simple to use - get started in a matter of minutes
  • conduct and review confidential correspondence easily
  • saves time finding emails and confusion over who has seen what
  • makes collaboration and supervision immediate and effective
  • so much better than email for managing ongoing correspondence
  • easy to track concurrent private communications both inside and outside your organisation
  • cloud-based service with nothing to maintain
  • useful to businesses of all sizes


Content is organised in Case Records. A Case Record contains one or more Groups. Content may only be published in a Group. Anyone invited to a Group (who is a Full User as opposed to a Guest User) may create a private Group within the same Case Record. Each Group is administered by its creator. Content published may not be deleted. Content remains accessible to Users who had the right to see it at the time it was published even when a Case Record or individual Group has been archived.

Privitus is a secure, orderly and spam free working environment. Unwanted, indiscriminate, misdirected, undelivered and mislaid communications remain the preserve of email.


Privitus is more secure than standard email as it employs inline encryption and has other controls preventing unauthorized access to Group content.

We know how important it is to keep communications and content secure and that valuable data (and we assume all content is valuable to users) should never be lost. That’s why we have gone to great lengths to ensure, as far as is ever possible, that Privitus is always available and that data is backed up.

We want you to be able to trust in Privitus as you would your in-house IT resources (and perhaps a little more).


Privitus is web based and offers a ‘digital files’ solution to those who want to know they have access to all they need whenever and from wherever they choose. Using Privitus ensures that you, your colleagues, your clients and anyone else involved can quickly be on the same page.

Beyond Email

Privitus takes a significant evolutionary step beyond email while respecting the complex array of relationships and conversations that take place in a professional services and inter-organizational setting.

Email involves each person attempting to maintain a record of what has been sent and what has been received. Emails go astray, get sent to the wrong people, get deleted by mistake, cause no end of hassle. Email is useful for ad hoc messaging but not for ongoing correspondence.

Privitus accommodates email in that any email can be saved as a file and uploaded to any Group.


The Privitus service adopts the now common ‘communications wall’ view in which messages can be written and documents attached, just as we do when sending emails but without all the ‘to and fro’.

Messages are displayed in reverse chronological order and can also be viewed by last 7 days; last 30 days; by a specified date range; or text search.

A user involved in several Groups can view all communications in those Groups interleaved in a single view using our ‘View All’ feature.

Roles of Users

An invited member of a Group within a Case Record may:

  • use the Privitus service free of charge as a Guest User;
  • publish content in that Group;
  • view all content published in that Group;
  • consent to the joining of new members in that Group (where required);
  • having subscribed to Privitus, create a Group within the same Case Record and create new Case Records

The creator of a Case Record becomes the creator of the first Group created in that Case Record called the ‘Main Forum’ and may:

  • create further Groups within that Case Record;
  • archive that Case Record so that no further content may be added to any Groups created within that Case Record;
  • restore that Case Record from archive so that new content may be added in any of the Groups created within that Case Record that have not been archived by the Group’s creator;
  • hand over control of the Case Record to another member of the Main Forum

The creator of a Group may:

  • invite new members into that Group with or without the prior consent of other members;
  • block a member of that Group from further communication in the Group so that the blocked member may neither publish nor view content published after the time that the block has been effected;
  • unblock a member who has been blocked after which that member will be able to see all content published in that Group;
  • archive a Group so that no further content may be added to that Group;
  • restore a Group from archive so that new content may be added by its members
  • hand over control of the Group to another member of that Group

By Invitation Only

Another principle we have adopted is that in order to add a new member to a Group other members of that Group must consent.  As an exception to this principle a Group owner can choose to bypass the consent process (using a tick box), such as where a Group is being used for internal purposes where consent from colleagues in the same organisation is superfluous.

Keeping it Simple

We have done our utmost to keep the Privitus service simple and intuitive. You should be able to find your way around it easily and if you come up against a problem you can always look at the ‘FAQs’ section.

Keeping it Affordable

We aim to make Privitus service affordable for all users. Only users who wish to create their own Case Records and Groups need become subscribers – the service is free to users invited to join a Group. Take a look at our simple pricing model.

Simple Billing

All our subscriptions and billing are handled by Backbone UK, our hosting provider and channel partner.  Backbone will establish your needs, agree the charges and billing arrangements, and you can get started.

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