Security - Data and Privacy

Data Protection

All data placed by Users into the Privitus service is held on servers hosted by ProfitBricks ( Data is held on EU based (Germany) servers.


No personal information entered by a User in the course of registration is disclosed by Case Record Limited to third parties as a matter of policy. No personal information collected in the course of the payment process is used by Case Record Limited as a matter of policy unless required for the purposes of dealing with payments that have been dishonoured or made fraudulently.
Users themselves are responsible for keeping confidential such personal information as is made available to them by other Users in the course of their use of the Case Record service.

In-line Security

All data carried to and from Privitus servers from and to Users uses HTTPS and is subject to encryption.

Highly Secure Data Centres

The Privitus infrastructure is hosted in Germany by ProfitBricks who adhere to the very exacting Data Protection regime imposed in Germany. ProfitBricks guarantees the highest levels of security, privacy and disaster recovery.

Information Security

The Wikipedia entry under ‘Information Security’ addresses the three core elements of information security - confidentiality, integrity and availability - adding others that are also considered of importance. The following gives a short explanation as to how Privitus meets these elements.

Confidentiality - preventing the unauthorised disclosure of information
Privitus provides discreet, password controlled, venues where information can be published to a chosen membership group. Information sent to and from the Privitus servers is subject to encryption.

Integrity - ensuring that data can not be modified undetectably

What is published in a private group in Privitus is under the control of the individual group member publishing the relevant content. Once published, the content can not be changed in or removed from the record.

Availability - the availability of information when it is needed
The Privitus installation is so configured as to maintain a high level of availability.

Other elements listed include:

Authenticity - that content published and a person’s identity is ‘genuine’
In Privitus, content is published in a Group that is owned by its creator who is also responsible for inviting new members to that Group and controlling member privileges. Group members can satisfy themselves as to the identities of other members and as consequently as to the likely veracity of the content those members publish.

Non-repudiation - that one party of a transaction cannot deny having received a transaction nor can the other party deny having sent a transaction
Content, once published in Privitus, can not be removed, recalled or undone and so remains part of a permanent record accessible to all members of the Group in which such content was published.

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