Practical Uses for Privitus

On this page we offer some examples of practical applications for Privitus where confidentiality and the need for an orderly record are of particular importance.

Legal Sector - view slide


  • containing potential conflicts of interest within chambers, ensuring that there is no cross-over within the clerks room
  • managing ProcureCo communications with clients and panel members
  • handling communications involved in ‘Dual Capacity’ work
  • communications with clients in Public and Licensed Access work
  • internal Chambers management communications


  • client communications
  • complaints handling
  • multi-disciplinary collaboration with other professionals
  • mediations
  • confidential communications among Partners

In-House Counsel

  • managing multiple outside counsel
  • managing related concurrent in-house communications
  • transactions or conflicts in multiple jurisdictions
  • coordinating regulatory compliance in multiple jurisdictions

Local Authorities - view slide

  • communications in cases involving sensitive information (e.g. child protection)
  • procurement and tendering
  • collaboration and sharing resources between Local Authorities
  • human resources

Human Resources - view slide

  • communications with candidates and management concerning posts to be filled within the organisation
  • staff appraisals and salary reviews
  • grievance and disciplinary procedures
  • managing redundancy programmes

Accountancy/MDP - view slide

  • client communications
  • multi-disciplinary collaboration with other professionals
  • audit and due diligence
  • investigations

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